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Auto-lift is a ‘CCTV camera lifting and lowering system’ designed to assist safe and fast inspection and maintenance by lowering various speed dome CCTV cameras mounted at a height or hazardous locations to the ground.


  • Wired and wireless controlling convenience of lifting and lowering
  • Operable at altitudes 10-30m
  • Compatible with various speed dome CCTV cameras under 10kg (HD/SD)
  • Configure lowering height to prevent damage to CCTV camera
  • Limit function to prevent motor overload from unnecessary control
  • Dustproof and waterproof class IP55
  • Lifting and lowering function using smartphone application (optional/for Androids)

Separate Control Panel OTS ACU-1


  • Lifting : Press once for one-touch lifting
  • Lowering : Press once for one-touch lowering. Stops at configured height if applicable.
  • Height Configuration
    – Set up : Lower and press for 5 seconds at desired height to set
    – Release : Press for 5 seconds at default position to release

Auto-Lift Composition


  • Basic Components : Auto-lifting device, mounting bracket, camera not included
  • Operation Method